Print save offers up to 70% ink savings. Pretonsaver software printer solutions.

Print Save

Pages printed per week
Cost per year
Not Optimised
Optimised Annual Cost / Annual Savings
35% Savings
Excellent quality
50% Savings
Good quality
70% Savings
Draft quality
£263 / £141
£202 / £202
£121 / £283
£195 / £105
£150 / £150
£90 / £210
£101 / £55
£78 / £78
£47 / £109
Typical ink usage and savings scenarios with 10% page coverage

How it Works
The software works in the back ground, by using multiple algorithms simultaneously to delete wasted pixel usage. Thus increasing print efficiency with various ink saving level settings.

The Premier package is a business level software, fully optimised and efficient to reduce ink and toner use up to 70%. Watch Animation

Pixel Optimizer™
From the computer screen to paper, the computer screen displays the text, graphics and pictures in pixels (dots). These screen pixels are square but the printer pixels are round.

The round printer pixels overlap and create ink and toner overuse.


Pixel Optimizer™ technology intelligently removes overlapped pixels.


The spaces left by the removed pixels are covered by excess toner/ink from adjacent pixels … with no image degradation!


The result: same quality, up to 70% savings


What's the Quality difference

You will find it is hard to find the difference between the optimised and Non optimised printing. With the real difference is the ink savings and cartridge or toner duration. The software is highly efficient ground breaking technology that is industry recognised.

See more customer testimonials here.

Free Download trial up to 30 Days
Try the software for free! See for yourself how much you can save with every print. Experience what hundreds of thousands satisfied users experience every day. Free trial terms: use the software with full functionality for 30 days.


Recommended Savings Levels
* Set "Saving Level" to 35% for printouts that require excellent print quality. Examples: final print of a contract, pictures, etc.
* Use 50% optimizations for most of kinds artwork, for school projects and for work documents. You will find that printouts are of good quality.
* Use 70% savings level for printing web, email and drafts.

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